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7 Crwon - Chakra

6 Brow - Chakra

5 Throat - Chakra

4 Heart - Chakra

3 Solar-Plexus Chakra

2 Sacral - Chakra

1 Root - Chakra

Chakras are the energy-center of the body.
They expand in our physical body and are always in motion. For that reason they are called Chakra (means “wheel” in Sanskrit language)

The 7 main Chakras are located on the front side of the body. They are the recipients and transformers for all energetic motions and information, which exceed the physical extent.

Each Chakra swings in its own frequency and colour and is responsible for certain areas in the body, - the mental and intellectual state of mind. Among themselves they combine through energy channels.

A constant exchange of energy and information with the cosmos can only take place when the Chakras are wide open.