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KROMA§SENt’ – the philosophy behind it

COLOUR or KROMA (Greek) is the strongest expressive tool the artist has available in the two-dimensional area.
Feelings, moods, experiences, surprises or even fear sometimes ending in agony, can be projected impulsively on the canvas with the help of spatula, paint-brush or paint-roll. The hand is the guiding leader of the inside urge.

FEELING or SENSUS – (Latin) is transmitted to the spectator by the painting. So by trying to understand the message of the artist, he will ultimately fail, since every stroke of colour is unique in its meaning and the message is only visible to the creator. The viewer should therefore understand the “seen” as a bridge to his own sensual logic.
In order to appreciate the work, the spectator must proceed the first blink of an eye with the final goal to let himself fall into the stream of colour. At that moment he or she can take a deep look into its own mirror of the soul.

A perfect symbiosis of both high cultures (Greek and Roman), which still influences our existence.

Now KROMA§SENt’ has succeeded.