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What are runes?

Ever since, man kind used signs and symbols to exchange information and ideas. The pictographic writing system (cave and stone paintings) preceded the writing (alphabet).
One of the most mysterious writing system is nevertheless the runic writing. It was mostly used for prophecy (oracle) matters. When and where the runes came up for the first time is very ambiguous.

The common thesis said, that Germanic, Celtic and northern Italian tribes used them. Others manifested that the runic alphabet is not a Germanic invention, but derive from the Phoenician family of alphabets, therefore from the area of Lebanon and Syria.
First sticks made of beechwood were thrown in the air and the outcome was analized. The German word for letter (=Buchstabe) and the word reading (= lesen) derives from that procedure. The word run means secret.

(Since the heritage of the runes is very complex the interpretation of the artist is subjective.)